Windows 7 Jumplist empty or slow to respond

Windows 7 JumplistAnother post that is slightly related to our Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) testing; on our Windows 7 machines, we’ve found that with SEP installed and enabled, the jumplists for all programs are drastically slower to appear.

As soon as the antivirus auto-protect is disabled, performance returns to immediate. This slowdown was most notable on Windows Explorer jumplists, however it also affected Microsoft Office and other programs.

I eventually foundĀ a solution, related to an obscure location for the jump list cache.

Sign in as the user having the problem, and paste this into an address bar:


This folder contains a cache of the Jumplist entries. To fix the issue for Windows Explorer, find the entry that begins with:


And delete it.

Then navigate here:


And do the same thing; delete the file that starts with:


After this you will need to re-pin any items you previously had pinned for that application.

This will only resolve the problem for Windows Explorer; you may have to do some trial and error to find the appropriate cache to delete for any other programs.

Run Windows Explorer as Administrator

Sometimes you need to get admin credentials within a user account without them, without logging off that user. Here’s how:

Windows 2000/XP

  • Click Start > Run (or hit Winkey+R) and type:
  • runas /user:domain\administrator "explorer /separate
  • Enter the password for the account you specified:
    Runas Administrator
  • Now you’ve got full access to that system

Windows Vista/7

With the UAC changes in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can’t open a Windows Explorer window similar to above. However you do have a couple alternative options:

  1. If Windows 7, use the “Switch User” functionality from the Start Menu
  2. switchuser

  3. In the start menu search box, type:
    runas /user:domain\administrator "notepad.exe

    When Notepad opens, you can click File > Open, and from that window access any file on the computer or the network that requires admin rights. This isn’t as effective for accessing Control Panel or other system functions, however with Windows 7 UAC this isn’t as much of an issue.