Benefits of networking – and Panzura

The concept of networking is very often mentioned within IT, but examples of it do not come up nearly as often in my experience.
However recently I do have such an example. A colleague attended Autodesk University in late 2014, and attended a session regarding file collaboration for products like Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD.
This is an area which I have been struggling with for many years. How does one give LAN-like speed to a single set of data across many geographical locations? I’ve tried many solutions as posted about previously: DFSR, PeerLock, PeerSync, GlobalScape WAFS, Citrix XenApp and others.

And yet all of these have not proven effective enough to permanently rely upon.

But at Autodesk University the session was talking about Panzura. A representative of a company almost exactly like mine was talking about the benefits, and how it has solved the file collaboration problem for them.

When this news was returned I became very excited, and eventually came across this testimonial video: this video is even more evidence that this might be the right path to travel down.

I was put in direct contact with this representative and can now communicate without sales over-exaggerating the benefits of the product.


There is still a large amount of research and testing ahead before Panzura can be seriously considered in my environment, however it is something I would not have seriously considered without the networking.

2 thoughts to “Benefits of networking – and Panzura”

    1. Hi Peter, I never actually progressed to a trial of Panzura. The two primary factors in this were price per office, and the lack of Hyper-V support for a virtual controller. According to a webinar that I attended last week, they STILL don’t have Hyper-V support.

      I’ve begun taking a closer look at Nasuni lately; while they are more of a full-package service including the cloud storage/connectivity, it seems like a better solution overall.

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