Ingest JSON parameter file into PowerShell

I’m building an Azure DevOps pipeline, and wanted to separate out parameter input into it’s own file which may be re-used across multiple different task types. I investigated a method of declaring parameters in JSON, and then ingesting them in a PowerShell script and using it to populate PowerShell variables.

For the time being, I’ve simplified my code to just use a direct PowerShell dot-sourced file, but want to keep this code snippet here for future reference.


    "subscriptionid": "3d22393a",
    "resourceGroupName": "test-rg",
    "azureLocation": "EastUS2",
    "automationAccountName": "test-auto",
    "dscConfigurationname": "dsc_baseconfig",
    "dscConfigurationFile": "dsc_baseconfig.ps1",
    "keyvaultName": "kv123"



# Import parameters from common JSON for reuse
# This file cannot have comments in it!
    [string]$paramFile = '.\dsc_parameters.json'
# For each object in the JSON, create a powershell variable
$params = Get-Content $paramFile | ConvertFrom-Json
$params.PSObject.Properties | ForEach-Object {
    New-Variable -Name $_.Name -Value $_.Value -Force


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