Job I want to have

I was looking through my Google Drive recently, doing some cleanup and pruning. I came across a document I had created in June 2016, called “Job I want to have”.

I don’t remember creating this document at all. It’s contents are a job posting for an “Infrastructure Technology Analyst”, without any kind of reference to the original company.

Here’s a snippet of what it looked like:

In June 2016 I was feeling stagnant; lack of motivation, lack of direction. I looked at this posting and thought that it was a huge stretch, and that it may be so difficult to actually achieve enough skill to be able to fill a position like this.

Now I’m reflecting on this, and realize that I have this job – I do all of these things right now, and it didn’t take a monumental effort. It wasn’t hours and hours of study time, or money for certifications and courses. I’m not saying I didn’t have to work hard to learn, or that it was random chance that put me here. It was certainly time spent learning, but by doing; by embracing the challenges as I faced them and learning how to solve them with the focus of a goal in mind.

What it really required was for me to step outside of where I was comfortable, embrace the fear of uncertainty, and try. Try something new and something different; try a chance that the grass could actually be greener.

I’m glad I came across this because I needed a refresh in my mind of what my goal was and understanding that I have achieved it. I needed a reminder that the core of what I’m doing now is still fun and drives me to have the kind of career I want to have.

Perhaps its nearing time to set my sights on something a little scary again.

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