ASR Deployment Planner throughput test failure

I’m preparing an environment for the Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner tool, and ran into a problem with one of the tests. With this tool, you can run a few different tests independently:

  • GetVMList – generate a list of VMs from specified hosts
  • StartProfiling – run a profile job on the generated list of VMs, over a specified period of time
  • GenerateReport – generate output report of results based on dataset collected in the “StartProfiling” job
  • GetThroughput – run an upload test to an Azure Storage Account to get measurements of viable throughput for your environment (optionally done in the “StartProfiling” job too)

When I ran the StartProfiling job, I encountered a bunch of errors at the end which indicated it was related to the throughput test. So then I independently ran that, and encountered the following errors:

Output not in a definite format
click for bigger

UploadTest.exe has stopped working


There isn’t any other mentions online of this error that I could find, but I went back to the tool requirements and realized that I had missed a prerequisite.

Once I installed the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 as identified from the ASR doc, the throughput test succeeded without further errors.

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