Get Inner Error from Azure RM command

Today I’m working on an ARM Template to deploy some resources into an Azure subscription. After building my JSON files and prepping parameters, I used the cmdlet “Test-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment” in order to validate my template.

This failed with the error:

Code    : InvalidTemplateDeployment
Message : The template deployment 'e76887a9' is not valid according to the validation
          procedure. The tracking id is '6df0fffb'. See inner errors for details. Please
          see for usage details.
Details : {Microsoft.Azure.Commands.ResourceManager.Cmdlets.SdkModels.PSResourceManagerError}

I found that decidedly unhelpful, but found an effective way to determine the actual error message.

To retrieve the error details, use the following cmdlet, where the CorrelationID equals the tracking ID mentioned in the error.

get-azurermlog -correlationid 6df0fffb -detailedoutput

This will produce output which you can investigate and determine where the error lies.

In my case, I needed to create a Core quota increase request with Azure support, as my subscription had reached it’s limit.

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