WordPress 403 error when saving post

While writing my last post, I encountered a strange error with WordPress. I had written up the majority of my post, and went to save the draft and received this error:

403 error from wordpress

I tried copying and pasting my text into a new post, and it still gave the error.

I found I could still type a few words and save a draft, so I began experimenting with the remaining text of my post that hadn’t been saved yet.

Eventually I stumbled across the word “web dot config” like this (can’t type it obviously)


When this was included in the body of my post, it would not save. This is a really hard item to come up with accurate search terms for, so I couldn’t find any specific references of anyone else having and solving this problem. I suspect it has something to do with the .htaccess and re-write rules configured within WordPress.

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