Error 5120 – CSV Paused State

Since implementing CommVault Simpana, I have been receiving almost daily warnings of the following error (Event ID 5120) in my System log:

Cluster Shared Volume 'CSV2' ('CSV2') has entered a paused state because of '(c0000435)'. All I/O will temporarily be queued until a path to the volume is reestablished.

After some thorough investigation resolved a bunch of issues with cluster communication, this error continued to appear.

I was finally able to resolve this from happening by unregistering the EqualLogic VSS Hardware Provider, using this command:

"C:\Program Files\EqualLogic\bin\eqlvss" /unregserver

The strange thing is, I had specifically set CommVault to use the CSV Shadow Copy Provider, with the setting “VSSProviders” on my clients. Despite this, there must have still been some VSS ties to the EQL provider.

2 thoughts to “Error 5120 – CSV Paused State”

  1. I am seeing the same kind of errors on our scale-out fileserver cluster, and we are using simpana there..
    We do not have “EqualLogic” on our system, however.

    1. That is really interesting Morten; while I had originally thought it directly related to Simpana rather than a SAN issue, there is really no other reports of this error without the EqualLogic element online.

      Perhaps it warrants a ticket with CommVault; I’ve found their support quite responsive to even deep errors like this.

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