Customer Service Tip

I’ve been trying to work with my ISP (Shaw Business) to sort out why I cannot use two static IPs at the same time.
The technician I spoke to this morning informed me that it’s as simple as modifying a setting on the modem that was originally missed. As this was described as a disruptive event, I decided to wait and call back in the evening. The tech also said he’d put a note on file so that when I call back it is clear what I need done.

But he lied! I called back, there was no note on the file, and the new tech said I needed to call Sales because it’s an account provisioning thing. Of course, now Sales is closed and they won’t be open out of business hours for me.

Tip: if you say you’re going to make a note, please do it!

I should have grabbed the guy’s name and gotten a ticket number, that is my mistake.

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