### Note: I originally wrote this in 2012, but never published it. I haven’t looked at Ajaxplorer since then for many un-related reasons, but thought I would post it as-is in case it helps someone ###


I recently decided to test Ajaxplorer as an FTP replacement. Right now FTP is used for simple file transfers and data uploads, but its not secure, and its not the most user friendly way of transferring files.

Ajaxplorer is attractive because it’s a PHP front end for file transfers with a Windows Explorer-like interface. It can be secured with SSL and offers many other nice features.

I wanted to set up an instance of Ajaxplorer on a spare VM which didn’t have very much storage space. With the help of a forum topic on the Ajaxplorer forums, I managed to set this up with the actual data repositories on a different UNC path.


Copy to c on Web server
Create sym link to storage server with Mklink /d
Copy data folder to storage instead of Web
Add URL rewrite module to iis
Add info to Web.config for redirect to https
Add certificate to iis
Modify php.ini with file size and mail smtp options
Modify the boot strap plugin file for ldap authentication plus serial
Add repository for crew ftp
Email: – have master user QCdata, click on individual folder, share it out with the named user, choose read and write, set email address.

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